We're entirely delighted to reissue this fantastic cd by Dave Grant!!

A collection of 18 old- time and folk and rock songs done up with Dave's own flavor of reggae meets old time. A huge cast of great players and singers appear on this Cd, shaping each song into an adventure. 

Dave was a true renaissance man, larger than life and full of it, life that is.. There's lots to read in the full liner notes below that will fill you in, please do. 

You can purchase cds here, but sit back and take it in, a lot of music that's well worth your time.

Then there's this track - Hendrix's Little Wing. It didn't make it to the original cd as the Hendrix estate wouldn't allow it. So it's not for sale, but you can sure listen to it right here. 
Featuring both TA and Robin and Linda Williams on vocals, another Dave Grant brainstorm.